Friday, March 7, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow: Epilogue


Earth was filled with craters.

After a few years, Taylor told Clondike and Fugerson that a great fireball was scheduled to pass by Earth.

"I'm leaving," said Clondike. "It might crash."

"There's no chance of that," said Fugerson.

All of a sudden, a fireball came soaring downward. Taylor and Fugerson ran for the ship that they now caught fish in.

Clondike was looking at the fireball coming toward him.

The ship holding Taylor and Fugerson went toward the moon. Then, they went to Mars.

They saw the fireball crash, then Earth exploded, into pebble-sized pieces.

Then, the rocks formed a ring around the moon, and the moon went into Earth's orbit.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 5: The End of the World

The End of the World

An age of ghosts had ended, and an earthling ship landed in the ocean.

"Hey," said one of the astronauts. "This is Cape Canaverel?"

"Remember that band of light we went through? It must have been a time warp," said another, whose name was Fugerson.

The other man, named Clondike, said, "We left in the 4000s. It looks like Florida has sunk."

A piece of land appeared in the distance. A man was on it, waving.

When the spaceship reached land, the man told them he was a foodmaker, and his named was Taylor.

"What year is it?" said Clondike.

Taylor said, "1,000,210 A.D."

"What? It must have been a time warp."


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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 4: Expedition—Mars to Earth

ExpeditionMars to Earth

The martians, by the year 9876, had taken over Earth.

A jungle was grown in a part of North America. The west was a dry desert. In the east, a forest had covered the north. The southeast was sunk under water.

In a place where the jungle met the desert, a martian named El Tula Ti lived in his white, ball-shaped house.

One day, El went to the automatic foodmaker, and got a ham and cheese sandwich.

He went to the jungle area to eat it.

Suddenly, a strange person grabbed him. El asked him, "Who are you?"

He answered, "An earthling. My spaceship crashlanded over by the lake. We were exploring the moonbase's secret slab whenever we came to our ship. It went wild, then crashed."

"Where are the others?"

"I'm the only one--wait, four more survived. There was 25 of us."

"Okay. Come with me. I'll take you to my ship."

The five earthlings followed the martian to his house.

Then, El got in. He drove away without them, leaving them in the middle of the desert.


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 3: Last People on Earth

Last People on Earth

One day a bomb tester accidently dropped a bomb on Manhattan. The enemy from France started bombing New York City. But some Russian planes tried to attack. There was nuclear explosions from New York City to Philadelphia.

People went wild on the streets below. Nearly 10,000 died in one day. At night Russian spies walked over the city. An attack troop started shooting at them.

Contaminated people were walking on the streets. Some furred men went underground.

A pair of tan men came out of the forest. A man saw them. "Stick up your hands," they said as they pointed wierd lasers at him.

"We are from Mars," one said. "You are the last person on Earth."

"Come with us."

He said, "No."

They shot him and nobody else was ever born on Earth again.


Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 2: The Great Rocket Ride

The Great Rocket Ride
Suddenly it got real hot. It felt like the sun was coming to the earth. At Billy's house he saw the sun coming. He ran to his mom and then the earth was burnt up. Birds flew away and alligators drowned themselves.
The farmer's son ran out of the house to get his little globe that was being burnt in the bonfire outside. He threw it back in because it was too hot. That weekend he bought a new one. On the globe little dinosaurs were walking around.
He picked off the dinosaurs and ran to eat supper.
The next day he went to Cape Cernelaverlel. He got on a seat and it started moving. He went into a Malcon D-4 hole. He went through the darkness and came to a staircase. He started to go up the long ladder. He went real slow until he got to the top. Then he went three trillion worlds a second. Finally he stopped. He was standing by a rocket. It said "Leskrypton". He walked around the 100-foot long rocket. He wished he could take a ride in it.
His mother told him it was time to go. He wanted to take a picture of the tall, towerlike UFO. He told his mother.
She told him no. They walked into a canlike building. There they saw a man. "Welcome to the rocket," he said.
Some men with rifles came into the room. One said, "We are the hypnotizers." He shot them with his rifle. They fell into a deep sleep.
When they woke up, they were preserved in ice.
On Earth, people never saw the rocket again, after it had taken off.